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An interactive approach to discovering, performing and teaching 20th century music

EXPLORE THE SCORE presents twentieth-century music to a broad audience in an exciting, vivid and understandable way. The website offers those who are interested in music key works by such composers as Béla Bartók, Pierre Boulez, György Ligeti and Igor Stravinsky. At the same time, musicians, teachers and music educators can find a wide range of information and suggestions on the playing and teaching of the presented compositions.

What Explore the Score offers

  • Outstanding performers and composers such as Pierre-Laurent Aimard, András Schiff, Tamara Stefanovich and Pierre Boulez performing, explaining and teaching music of the 20th century.
  • The music and its context explained clearly with video, text and images.
  • Essays and previously unpublished sources offering valuable information for understanding and interpreting the music.
  • Documentation of award-winning education projects and teaching materials offering ideas and practical instructions for teaching modern music.

Concept and implementation

The online education resources of the Klavier-Festival Ruhr aim to make 20th and 21st century music accessible to people with different musical interests and backgrounds. Behind this project is the belief that the internet and the interactivity it offers allows the presentation of complex music in an exciting and engaging way. Renowned artists as well as highly regarded music educators and academics have participated in the creation of this ambitious project. is being developed by Tobias Bleek for the Klavier-Festival Ruhr and its director Franz Xaver Ohnesorg. The website programming and design is by Victor Craven.

After several years of preliminary work, the bilingual website was launched in an initial version in the spring of 2015. Between 2018 and 2020, the flash-based internet platform was converted into a responsive website. This new version will be activated consecutively from May 2020 and new content will be added regularly. A basic prerequisite for the successful realization of the project is the close cooperation with various partners (private sponsors, foundations, music publishers, archives). These are acknowledged in the different sections of this website.

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