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Concept and development of content: Tobias Bleek


Programming and design: Victor Craven


Tobias Bleek



English translations


J. Bradford Robinson and Richard McNicol


Direction and editing: Michael Ciniselli


Camera: Carsten Gierke


The Pierre Boulez video interview was produced exclusively for this website in May 2012 (Camera: Wolfgang Kropp).


Sound recordings and processing: Christoph Frommen


Permission to use the score of Pierre Boulez’s Douze Notations was kindly granted by the publisher Universal Edition.

Photographs and illustration

Photographers: Ursula Kaufmann, Mark Wohlrab, Georg Anderhub (LUCERNE FESTIVAL), Eric Marinitsch and Alfred Schlee (Universal Edition) and other photographers that are directly mentioned on the website.


We wish to thank the Paul Sacher Foundation for kindly granting permission to use selected sources from the Boulez collection.


Claudia Eckes-Kohlrautz, Jonas Reichert and Annika Storck

Other credits and thanks

We also extend our thanks to the following for their support:


Pierre Boulez; Tamara Stefanovich; Robert Piencikowski, Evelyn Diendorf und Michèle Noirjean-Lindner (Paul Sacher Stiftung Basel); Eric Marinitsch, Wolfgang Schaufler und Johannes Michael Feigl (Universal Edition); Klaus-Peter Altekruse (Sekretariat Pierre Boulez)

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