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György Ligeti: Piano Works

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The Ligeti website is a project created by the Ruhr Piano Festival Foundation.


Director of the Ruhr Piano Festival and President of the Ruhr Piano Festival Foundation: Prof. Franz Xaver Ohnesorg

Supporters and partners

Vincent Meyer/Fondation Meyer, Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, Pro Musica Viva – Maria Strecker-Daelen Foundation, Paul Sacher Foundation, Schott Music, Aldeburgh Music

Concept and development

Pianist and artistic director: Pierre-Laurent Aimard


Creative director (concept development and research): Tobias Bleek


Programming and design: Victor Craven


Director and editor: Michael Ciniselli


Camera: Henning Brümmer, Volker Striemer


Camera assistant: Alexey Fedorov


Sound recordings and processing: Christoph Claßen, Robin Bös


All film of Pierre-Laurent Aimard was made exclusively for this website through the generous support of Vincent Meyer.


Tobias Bleek



English translations:


J. Bradford Robinson (Inside the score)


Anne Boden, Richard McNicol


Permission to use the scores of György Ligeti’s music was kindly granted by the publisher Schott Music.

Photographs and images

Photographers: Peter Andersen, Ursula Kaufmann, Margit Tabel-Gerster, Jürgen Röhrscheid, Mark Wohlrab and other photographers (credited on the website).


Acknowledgements appear with the photographs and images where practicable.


We wish to thank the Paul Sacher Foundation (György Ligeti Collection) and Schott Music for kindly granting permission to use selected sources from their collections.


We have endeavored to find the owners of all rights. In case of omission please contact Ruhr Piano Festival.

Editing and Assistance

Claudia Eckes-Kohlrautz (advice and editing), Meritxell Canela (transcription and editing), Jonas Reichert and Annika Storck (editing), Klara Bernat (translations from Hungarian), Ute Luislampe

Other credits and thanks

We thank the following artists and experts for their collaboration:


Eckart Altenmüller, Simha Arom, Daniele Ciampolini, Saschko Gawriloff, Marie-Luise Neunecker, Heinz-Otto Peitgen



We thank the following for their support:


Heidy Zimmermann, Evelyn Diendorf and other colleagues at the Paul Sacher Foundation Basel


Bernhard Pfau, Christian Krautscheid, Claus-Dieter Ludwig, Christopher Peter and other colleagues at Schott Music


Reinhard Meyer-Kalkus, Katharina Wiedemann and other colleagues at  the Wissenschaftskollegs zu Berlin


Tobias Lehmann, Martin Sauer, Julian Schwenkner and other colleagues at Teldex Studio


Vera und Lukas Ligeti


Elke Gasparaitis, Birgit Glasow,  Kathrin Hermes, Bettina Jaggi, Matthias Steinhauer and other colleagues at the Ruhr Piano Festival


Lucy Maxwell-Stewart (Red House Productions)


Sophia Karwoski and Jessica Lustig (21C Media Group)


Lydia Connolly, Tracy Lees (HarrisonParrott)


Dan Whitfield, Bill Lloyd and other colleagues at Aldeburgh Music

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